Why Square dance?

 “We do not grow too old to dance. We grow old because  we do NOT dance.”

Herb Greggerson, square dance caller, 


The ideal prescription for improving or maintaining health is to find an activity that combines all three dimensions
–physical, mental and social.


The multi-dimensional approach to healthy living is called
Square dancing and incorporates the three holistic dimensions
– Physical, Psychological and Social.  



  • Have Fun

  • Laugh More

  • Make Friends

  • Exercise More 

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve memory skills


Square dancing contributes to a more healthy and independent lifestyle and it is one of the few activities shown to involve both physical activity and mental stimulation significant enough to reduce the risk of dementia”

Dr. Lewis Maharam, New York sports medicine specialist.

Square dancing today is often thought of as an energizing and exciting dance set to classic and modern songs.